Security & Virus Management
• Virus/RootKit removal
• Spyware/Worm removal
• 100% Protection Plan
• Save Corrupted Drives
• Virus Forwarding Protection

System Optimizing
• Registry Cleaning
• Hidden Temp File removal
• Multi-drive Defragmentation
• Remove unwanted services
• RAM memory installaition

Network Connectivity
• Home/Office connectivity
• Enterprise connectivity
• Network Security Service
• WAN VPN implementation
• CAT-6 & WiFi Services


Talk about an age old conversation. Unfortunately I am asked this question almost everyday simply becuase I often may come to a customers office with a MAC under my arm.

Yes MAC is my personal choice of computer and has been for over 20 years. I in no way encouerage people to switch from their Windows PC when asked. Unless you have time to explore a new system or find Windows a real problem for you, stick with what you have,

The lines between all computer devices are getting blurred and just keeping up with the latest of what you have will do just fine.

Not all protection is created equal

It's up to you to protect your computer. The virus protection your ISP provides is inadequit on multiple levels. Install standalone protection designed for threats from multiple sources.

The right utilties can cut down infection tremendously

Internet Explorer and MS Outlook are notorius for security holes. Learn alternatives that help remove you as a target on the internet. Always close your web browser after visiting your financial institutions.

Know what your broadcasting through WiFi

Wifi is wonderfully convinient but is equally wonderful for hackers. Utilize 2 primary levels of security when setting up your Wifi network. Clear out wifi cache data stored in your router twice a year.

FAQ Notes

Do you offer pickup and delivery? - Yes, we pickup/deliver in the Baltimore metro area. Please call to verify if your location qualifies for pickup and delivery.
What type of warranty do you offer with your systems? - All UnrealData services come with a 6-month guarantee on all labor. * Of course Annual system management contracts cover a guarantee for the life of the contract.
Do you match your competitors prices? - We match or beat most competitors' prices. We will have to verify the legitimacy of all prices before before granting any price adjustments. Each price match is handled on an individual basis.
Do you offer on-site service? - Yes, we offer onsite service. Most upgrades, repairs, maintenance, and some troubleshooting can be performed on-site. * In the event the service to be provided onsite is not possible, and your computer needs to be taken to UnrealData for proper servicing, the onsite service fee still applies.
Do you give free estimates? - In most cases we are able to provide you with a service quote. In cases of unforeseen systemic problems or problems that may be a result from networked sources, an open estimate will be provided.