Online Child Protection

Awareness Clinic on various ways to protect and educate our kids and on the internet. Be part of the solution.

Social Network Safety

The addiction has run rampid and preditors love every minute of it. Find out just how exposed you are.

Secure Online Banking, Purchasing, and Selling

More efficient, exact, practical, safe, enjoyable, and economical then ever.

Invaluable Email Tools

The best file cabinet ever invented. Learn how to make your life MUCH easier with those little extras.

For Small Groups or One-on-One
Training for general retail applications as well as proprietary workflow applications.
We will come to your home or place of business. Maximize the use out of your software investment. We target session based around your goals.

"I am especially pleased with our new internship program, allowing our motivated young performers the opportunity to adbsorb practical knowledge in the working world."

Jay Holmes - CEO

internship 1 - varied office duties

Duties may include the following: Data Entry, Customer Service, Filing, Schedule Management, Mechanical Writing, and Reseaching.
There is a small stipen paid for a few positions. Any participation in community help program is a big plus for consideration.

internship 2 - technical assitance

Duties include one of the following: Web site coding, Hardware & Software installs, Image editing, Network maintenance, Helpdesk, and Database management. You must be enrolloed in a technical program to participate. Any participation in community help program is a big plus for consideration.